​​​GH Creative
​​​Nurturing people with nature's help.

About Us

  We are a family full of DIY enthusiasts, so when we discovered our children were experiencing skin irritations, we wanted to take care of them by providing healthy, hand made, skin care options. We also wanted to keep the ingredients simple; NO scary eight-syllable ingredients here ladies and gents. 

  We want to provide safe, healing, skin care; not just for our children but, for all who suffer from irritated and sensitive skin.  It's so fulfilling to see our skin care products make a positive impact for both our family and our GHCreative Community.
  Continuous research of natural ingredients allows us to choose those with the most beneficial properties for sensitive skin.
By studying the expanding science of essential oils and healing properties of plants, oils, and butters, we keep up to date on healthy choices for our skin care products, and share what we feel is the best of what nature can offer.

  We develop soap and skin care recipes keeping the health of our GHCreative Community in mind. Because of this, we make a variety of bath and body care products with only safe ingredients we trust. Check out our products page to discover what nature can do for you.