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Even in nature, we can run into things that cause an allergic reaction. For example, you may be okay with mango butter but are allergic to shea butter. With this in mind we recommend you always test our products on a small area first to ensure it is safe for your skin. 
  1. Baby's Bottom
    Gentle and soothing body soap with shea butter, lightly scented with lavender and geranium essential oils. $4ea or 3 for $10
    Baby's Bottom
  2. Orange Grove
    A wonderfully scented bar, infused with masala chai, pumpkin and ginger root puree, then balanced with orange, cinnamon, and clove essential oils. $4ea or 3 for $10
    Orange Grove
  3. Gardener's Soap
    A conditioning bar that's made with the goodness of coffee and cocoa. Great for those who enjoy getting down and dirty. $4ea or 3 for $10
    Gardener's Soap
  4. Shave Soap & Brush Kit
    The moisturizing, bubbly foam feels so silky and smooth. An indulgence for ladies and gents alike. Currently available in Lavender Dream. $10/kit
    Shave Soap & Brush Kit
  5. Bubbly soap
    New batches of Rose Garden soap, Activated Charcoal Facial bars, and Lavender Dream soap are on their way.
    Bubbly soap